Kristen Renee White Hernandez inspired so many friends and family, not only by her love and sparkling personality, but also by her fighting spirit... her willingness to fight on behalf of someone else. Because of her, the Kristen Renee Foundation and "Fighting for Frederick" has won considerable victories for thousands like Kristen who have been exposed to chemical releases where they live, work and play. We continue to fight for the right of every citizen to enjoy clean drinking water, soil and air, and to preserve this for the generations to come.

Thank you Kristen Renee. We love you. You will forever be our champion.

Kristen Renee White Hernandez

KRF's Latest Developments and Future plans:

  • Our $750-million lawsuit for clean-up and compensation for residents who have become ill or have already died, is in the Federal Court of Appeals, being reviewed by three federal judges. We are hopeful that they will hear our testimonies.

  • Hollywood movie actor Jim Caviezel ("Passion of the Christ") has agreed to star in this movie, and has asked Mel Gibson to direct this film.

  • The Kristen Renee Foundation works with scientists in hopes of finding a cure for brain cancer, and offers expertise to other communities dealing similarly with groundwater contamination.

Kristen Renee Foundation

KRF Accomplishments:

Outlined below is data from our findings, and highlights of the Kristen Renee Foundation's accomplishments in fighting for the rights of Randy White's family and the families of more than 2,700 cancer victims potentially and unwittingly exposed to groundwater contamination, toxic soil and air at Fort Detrick.

Our Data:
1. Significant numbers of leukemia and lymphomas in people of young ages
2. More than 10% of these cases affect individuals under the age of 40
3. Immediate surrounding areas have large numbers of individuals with cancer on the same street including:
a. Kemp Lane - 22 cases
b. Rocky Springs Road - 42 cases
c. Shookstown Road - 60 cases
4. Over 67 brain cancers recorded
5. We pressed the Health Department to expand their research and date range to get an accurate view of what is occurring in Frederick.

   As a Direct Result of Our Fight:


1. KRF urged the signing of FFA (Federal Facility Agreement) in December 2010

2. Met with Senator Mikulski’s office urging clean-up of Fort Detrick and surrounding area

3. Presented our findings before the Maryland Senate Finance Committee in Annapolis

4. Created an amendment to the Maryland Cancer Research Bill in State Senate

5. There are now nearly 2,700 individuals registered in our Foundation’s Cancer Cluster Survey

6. We have represented the concerns of the community to Fort Detrick, the USEPA & the Health Department

7. We have extended our reach to include U.S. Veterans suffering from the effects of Agent Orange

8. We worked with toxicologists to assess blood samples

9. We have created a significant cancer database and portal

10. At our urging, the Health Department initiated a cancer cluster investigation

11. The EPA requested additional testing at Fort Detrick as a result of what KRF brought to light

12. The EPA assigned a new supervisor over the clean-up at Fort Detrick Area B

13. We highlighted the dioxin exposure at Fort Detrick and the impact on our health

14. KRF was able to have the Army admit to spraying Agent Orange

15. Uncovered the poor waste treatment system

16. Highlighted the suffering of Fort Detrick workers

17. We found evidence of additional incinerators which were not as safe as those used today

18. We found levels of arsenic to be well in excess of EPA guidelines

19. Conducted extensive personal interviews, water, groundwater, soil, blood and tissue sampling tests

20. Perpetuated Fort Detrick to retain the National Academy of Sciences to review toxic effects

21. Initiated study from College Department of Environment research paper

22. Presented findings for National Academy of Sciences to review (and were incorporated in their study)

23. Exposed Fort Detrick's lack of security, lack of honesty and arrogant position to community

24. Highlighted Fort Detrick's Erosion of President Nixon's Ban on development of Biochemical Warfare

25. The drafting of Senate bill SB 0380 with Senator C. Anthony Muse, was signed in to Maryland State Law by Governor Martin O’Malley in May 2013

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