Fort Detrick Lab 4 faces closing under Proposed Federal Budget (from home page)

This is a 2017 article. The outcome was that USAMRIID did not close for budget cuts 

The Kristen Renee Foundation would like to call to your attention the May 24, 2017 article “Lab at Fort Detrick Faces Closing Under Proposed Federal Budget” (Frederick News Post)

Our response to the article is as follows:

We are very sorry for the jobs that will be lost, and all the so-called good that Detrick has done, but they must first clean up the toxins that have already killed so many people, and compensate for the sicknesses and contaminated property. In addition to cleaning up all of Area A & B, the people must understand that you are dealing with the deadliest toxins in the world. There are still 6 vials of anthrax unaccounted for (from 2009)

 If just one mistake is made (as there have been before), these pathogens can kill hundreds of thousands of people and release an epidemic across this country. Then, the 180 jobs and school books will be peanuts compared to the carnage that will be spread across this nation.

If some people want the Lab 4 in their back yard, let them first think what it would be like having their children die in their arms from the toxins that have already killed so many others, and see if the exchange is worth the cost! Their property value will plummet if Fort Detrick continues to make the same mistakes. Even as people are reading this, there is TCE & PCE flowing through Carroll Creek, and the ground around this fort is contaminated with dioxins hundreds of times over the EPA standards.

There should be a congressional hearing on this matter.

Kristen Renee Foundation just wants to help the thousands of people already affected by all the mishaps at Fort Detrick, and we urge the senators to hold fort Detrick responsible for their deliberate pollution of this precious city.


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