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Randy White is the father of Kristen Renee Hernandez (d. 2008) and founder of the Kristen Renee Foundation. The Kristen Renee Foundation is the organization that operates the “Fighting for Frederick” project. Randy is a full-time volunteer for the organization in his role as spokesperson, researcher, advisor, and contact liaison.


Randy has put forward thousands of hours of his time, and thousands of dollars of his personal finances to advance the cause of the Kristen Renee Foundation. He does all this to honor the memory and wishes of his beloved daughter, Kristen Renee.


The seeds for this project were sown with the death of Kristen Renee Hernandez. After she passed, her father Randy decided to found the Kristen Renee Foundation with the goal of helping other families deal with and fight cancer, specifically brain cancer. What he didn’t know at the time was how that decision would morph into the community initiative that is Fighting For Frederick.


Ultimately, one could say improbability and intuition were two stepping-stones to a grander vision and greater challenge. After Kristen died, condolences often came with stories of families who had also lost loved ones, were battling cancer presently, or were rare survivors of the disease. A surprising number of these


 were from the community Kristen grew up in. This just seemed unusual until Kristen’s mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. This came as such a shock, not only because of the recent death of our beloved Kristen, but because the sheer number of families dealing with forms of cancer in the community.


It seemed improbable that so many families could be dealing with the same thing in such a small city. That improbability led to the intuitive understanding that something more could be going on. Then the research began. We began uncovering articles and documents related to the neighborhood that Kristen and Debbie grew up in, which ultimately led back to Fort Detrick and possible neighborhood contamination with cancer causing chemicals. This was an absolute shock, but it also birthed a concern not just for our family, but for the neighbors we grew up with, the parks we played in, and the city we love.


That is when we decided that we have a responsibility as citizens to act, not only for Kristen, but for Frederick as a whole. We are hoping that through our organizing efforts we can get the answers our community deserves regarding any relationship there maybe between cancer causing chemical contamination and the cases of cancer themselves.



Apart from his volunteer work, Randy White is also an author, spiritual leader, and philanthropist. You can learn more about him at his website


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