Jerry Ensminger was holding a plate of spaghetti when the newscaster said thirty years of groundwater contamination at Camp Lejeune was linked to childhood illnesses, particularly leukemia. Ensminger and the spaghetti hit the floor. That day changed his life.


Today, Jerry Ensminger is known as the public face and fearless voice in what may be one of the worst drinking water contamination cases in U.S. history. The former Marine gunnery sergeant lost his 9 year old daughter Janey to leukemia in 1985. The little girl’s life was taken from what Mr. Ensminger and many others believe was tainted water at Camp Lejeune, the North Carolina Marine Corps base where Janey was conceived. Since his retirement from the military 13 years ago, Mr. Ensminger has 



Jerry Ensminger


traveled the country gaining momentum through highly-publicized public awareness.


Armed with a fierce passion for justice and a tell-it-like-it-is attitude, Mr. Ensminger has lobbied Congress for compensation for thousands of those adversely affected by the toxic well water of Camp Lejeune.