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International Humanitarian Law and Fort Detrick - An interview with Diana Montoya

"At its core IHL represents a balance between military necessity and humanitarian considerations in the context of conflict.  Humanity, as a cornerstone of IHL, represents the imperative during conflict to alleviate suffering and save lives, and to treat humanely and respectfully each individual. Military necessity is the justification of measures necessary to achieve a military goal, provided these measures comply with international humanitarian law.

 "The balancing of humanity and military necessity is seen in the foundational IHL norms of distinction and proportionality.   Parties to an armed conflict are required to distinguish, at all times, between civilians and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives."





Watch the interview of a woman named Diana Quintanilla Montoya (by Phillip Guerra) who says she is the only survivor of two hundred people exposed to a toxic cloud by Fort Detrick. Hear what she says about International Humanitarian Law: 

Diana Montoya Interview 2011 - 
1967 Ft. Detrick Biological Weapons Program Victim Speaks Out