"Fighting for Frederick" Families

Sometimes you encounter those who inspire you because of their courage and deep faith... We would like you to meet the Noffsingers: 

Our daughter, Jill, was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer in November of
2014 at the age of 35. After the shock settled in, myself, Jill’s mother Janet,
and my wife Susan began the grueling process of helping Jill on this journey.
She endured chemotherapy, an 8 hour surgery, radiation, more chemotherapy,
a very serious blood invention that put her in ICU for many weeks,
immunotherapy, and finally Keytruda. Sadly, Jill passed away on March 5,

As we went through this with Jill, I came across the Kristen Renee Foundation.
When Jill was a small child, we lived in the area of Ft. Detrick. We had well
water that we drank, bathed in, and swam in. I believe that our proximity to Ft.
Detrick’s toxic chemical developing and dumping caused the cancer in Jill.
We will never be able to help Jill now, but I am dedicated to helping others that
live or lived in that area to get answers and hope for the future.
- Tim Noffsinger

Thank you to the Noffsinger family for sharing your story. Together we will work to find answers on Jill's behalf, Kristen Renee's and so many others.

PEOPLE-Frederick Cancer victims and their families

Pictured left to right: Susan Noffsinger, Tim Noffsinger, Jill Noffsinger (ringing the bell at Hopkins after she finished radiation), and Janet Noffsinger

             the                       Noffsingers