Why We Are Angry - Listen to the Court Arguments. Since When is it You the People and

Pictured: Eric Cross, Randy White and his daughter Angela Pieper, and Susan Funk. To listen to court arguments and comments from the judges, click link at the end of this article.

It is appalling to me at how citizens who have been wronged, with evidence stacked to the ceiling, can be shown blatant disrespect in a court of law, especially at the upper level court.

When an appointed judge, whose duty it is to be fair and impartial, tells you that they and the army ARE the United States of America and can do as they please... they are missing one element - an important element - it is WE the people. It takes ALL of us to make up this country. Did WE not elect into office those who appointed them? Of course we did.

And another question: Can a branch of the military, given an Executive Order from the President, simply ignore it and do what they want?

That's what we have here.

We have proven and history has proven that Fort Detrick sprayed, tested, contaminated, used open burning pits, unlined disposal for chemicals and biological waste, some which was later discovered as live anthrax spores, has experimented on the community without their knowledge and ends up with documented case after documented case of major illnesses and deaths that can be attributed to their pollution. We have the area on the National Priority List and forced the hand of Fort Detrick and the Army to sign the Federal Facility Agreement to clean up and they have not. What they've done is minimal.

This is one of THE MOST contaminated aquifers in the United States we're dealing with.

And we are not only patronized, but pelleted by self-righteous and snide remarks from the perpetrators (which is not surprising) and by folks who sit on the bench in positions we created and respect to listen and fully evaluate the case we bring before them.

Fort Detrick personnel had the audacity to taunt us and say "If Randy White thinks he has the horsepower to beat us, let him bring it on."

Well we are bringing it on. And where is this person?

Why would one bully only to hide behind "mama's" apron?

Let us say it again. WE are the United States of America. Not me, not you. WE. Never forget it. Take a listen and we welcome your comment - I think you'll be as mad as I am.

- Citizens for the Citizens. KRF (Kristen Renee Foundation)

Case No. 16-2035 Angela Pieper v. US


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